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Answering the Call

It was 8:30am on a Tuesday. Our centers were not open yet, but Godly counsel was still available through the Life Centers Helpline.  The call came in from a young woman that was a senior at Ball State, and she was on her way to an appointment at an abortion clinic in Indianapolis.

She was feeling uneasy about her appointment. She Googled “pregnancy help” and Life Centers’ phone number popped up.  She was crying and just needed someone to talk to.

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Another Divine Appointment

You’ll hear us say often around Life Centers that every appointment is a divine appointment. The exact timing and details around so many of our clients’ visits make it so clear that God is at work powerfully all around us.
Just before Thanksgiving, a pair of college students came into one of our Centers to interview the director. They had been tasked by their professor to research a social issue. They chose abortion and met with Lucy, our Northeast Center director.

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