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Tom’s Interview on Pete Heck Show

The Pete Heck Show can be heard locally on WIBC 93.1 FM on Sunday’s at 8:00am. He recently interviewed Life Center’s Executive Director Tom Shevlot.


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PH: We have here a long-time sponsor of the program, and great friends – I regard what they do as a ministry, beyond just a business and all that. It’s Life Centers of Indianapolis, and we’ve got Tom Shevlot of Life Centers on the line right now, Tom, I don’t just want this to be a sponsor plug time. I want folks to hear you, to hear your passion, to hear your heart for this issue of life and everything that you’re doing there at Life Centers. First of all thanks for joining us.

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The Need for Grace

One by one the candles were lit. Sixteen of them, each one representing a life. This was a memorial service for unborn children. One by one, the mothers spoke after they lit the candles. At times they shared what they would say to their children represented by the candles, at other times they spoke to the supportive audience gathered in the small sanctuary about themselves. This service was for the mothers; it was a part of Life Centers’ GRACE program.

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