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Great News from Westfield

Angela Evans, the Westfield Center Director, shared this with the staff last week:

God is doing GREAT things through His people to bless Life Centers! This past Saturday, I had the privilege of attending Life Church Noblesville’s Women’s Christmas Party, where the women each brought baby donations for the Westfield Center. The response was overwhelming – so many gifts were donated that our support services room is overflowing. Since then we also had another round of donations from Christ Community Church come into the Westfield center – along with donations Bethany Potts brought from admin! 

After I spoke in front of the women at Life Church and shared our mission and the statistics from September, eleven women responded to the Lord’s nudge on their heart and have signed up to volunteer!
Great news! If you want to get more involved in saving babies and transforming lives by volunteering, giving, hosting a baby shower, or in some other way, please visit lifecenters.com to get started.

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The (Long) Story of New Branding and Websites

When 2014 started, we set a goal to improve our websites. Our main site (lifecenters.com) and our client focused website (pregnancychoicesindy.com) both were 8+ years old and showing their age (websites age in dog years). The main site was difficult to edit and was written in a programming language that was no longer being supported. It was also cumbersome and unable to handle many of the things found in a more modern website. The client site was worse. I could not update it at all, and when we moved into our Admin office, the address listed on the website stayed the same.

I began to interview web developers. I ended up interviewing eight different groups. It was probably premature, since we had no budget for a website.

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Life. Change.


On November 9th, Plainfield Christian Church launched a Bottles for Babies campaign where empty baby bottles were handed out to all those who attended that day in their four services.  Life Centers and PCC have had a long and rewarding relationship where they are locked arm-in-arm with us on the front lines of meeting the needs of women facing pregnancy related decisions. 

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You Make a Difference.

2014-year end graphic 900x300

It was almost closing time at our Hendricks County center, when a teenager came to get a pregnancy test. She brought a friend along for support. On the questionnaire she indicated that if the test was positive, she was considering an abortion. When the Center Director asked her why, she said that she was being pressured to abort. The test came back negative, and the counselor began to talk with her about her spiritual life. The client asked to have her friend join her in the counseling room. After a lengthy conversation about God and life, they both made spiritual decisions and committed their lives to Christ.

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