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Banquet Recap

On April 23rd, over 1,200 of our friends and supporters (over 250 more than last year) attended the 2015 Celebration of Life banquet. This year’s keynote speaker was Ret Lt Col Oliver North and what a powerful message of life he gave. We shared a video testimony of how Life Centers was able to replace all three of our ultrasound machines. We also had a client video featuring a mother and father who made a powerful decision for life as a result of visiting one of our pregnancy centers.

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A Short Victory Story

Recently, a woman came into one of our centers carrying her young child. She told the volunteer that she just wanted to thank Life Centers because 2 years ago she was considering an abortion. She shared that she was a daughter of a pastor, who got pregnant during a rough time in her life. The client looked at her child who is now 1 ½ years old and shared that because of Life Centers, she has this beautiful gift. Now she and the baby’s father are married and following the Lord!
How wonderful to hear how God is redeeming lives at Life Centers!

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Words from Our Clients

We thought you would like to hear from our clients how much impact the new ultrasound machines are having. After an ultrasound, we have them answer this question on an exit form: What did you learn from the ultrasound? How did it help? Here are some recent answers: 

“The pictures and the talk were helpful. I learned how far along I am. The heartbeat helped make my decision to keep the baby.”

“Seeing the baby and learning how far I am.”


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