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Why Baby Bundles?


Three out of four women who have had abortions say they chose abortion because they couldn’t afford to care for their baby. Three out of five women who have had abortions already had one child at the time.

These are startling statistics, and they raise an important question. How do we offer women hope when these are the circumstances they are dealing with? These women aren’t seeking abortion because they believe the baby inside them is not yet a human. Instead, they are seeking abortion because they believe they have no ability to give a child (or another child) a good life, and they believe there are no other options.

This is the gap Life Centers fills, between fear and hope. When a woman walks into one of our centers, she receives a pregnancy test and compassionate counseling services at no charge. But it doesn’t end there. Life Centers builds a relationship and trust with each woman throughout her pregnancy. Each woman who has a positive pregnancy test also receives a ticket for a Baby Bundle, a kit that contains all of the necessary items to care for a newborn baby. A month before her baby is born, she can come and receive the Baby Bundle, full of diapers, wipes, formula, blankets, clothes, and other supplies. As her baby grows, the mother can return to our Life Centers locations and receive larger clothes and diapers.

There are many parts to play in the fight for life. At Life Centers, the need that burdens us is the physical and material struggle many mothers in the Indianapolis area face on a daily basis. More and more, our ministry focuses on providing for those material needs as a means to saving the lives of the mothers’ unborn babies. As they receive these supplies, these mothers receive hope and gain the confidence to choose life for their babies.

This year, Life Centers participated in Giving Tuesday by raising money for Baby Bundles. $60 pays for one Baby Bundle, and provides a mother with hope and confidence. Giving Tuesday is over for the year, but the need for hope is never-ending. Thank you to everyone who participated in Giving Tuesday. If you are still interested in giving a Baby Bundle, you can! Visit lifecenters.com/give and choose “BabyBundles” as your designation.

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