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Supporting Life Through Support Services

What do you think of when you think about Life Centers? The free pregnancy tests? The counseling services? The ultrasounds?

Do you think about support services? Don’t worry, most people don’t. But that is starting to change.

When Life Centers started more than thirty years ago, the biggest need we filled was pregnancy tests. They were expensive, making it difficult for young, single women to acquire them. By providing free pregnancy tests, Life Centers was able to build a connection with these young women and build a bridge that would allow us to share the Gospel.

Today, Life Centers still provides free pregnancy tests, but they aren’t as needed as they once were. Most drug stores now sell pregnancy tests for a few dollars, allowing women to get the tests and do them at home. So how does Life Centers create opportunities to reach these women, since the pregnancy tests are no longer needed as much? What need are we meeting and how are we showing the Gospel in tangible ways to these young women?

Through support services.

Support services is the category Life Centers has created in our ministry for all of the supplies we provide to the women who come to our centers. From toys and books, to shoes and onesies, to diapers and formula, this is a huge part of the ministry we provide.

You may have heard before that three out of four women who have had abortions list “lack of finances” as a reason for the abortion. By providing support services, Life Centers is able to lower this number, one life at a time, giving women the confidence they need to choose life.

One specific support service we provide is a Baby Bundle, which contains diapers, formula, clothing, and blankets for a new baby. Each woman who comes in and has a positive pregnancy test receives a voucher for one of these Baby Bundles, which she can redeem near the end of her pregnancy. Throughout the next months after the baby is born, the mother can then bring the clothes back when her baby has outgrown them and trade them for clothes in the proper sizes.

This model of offering service is important because it allows Life Centers to build a relationship with the women who come to our centers. We support her throughout her pregnancy, and we continue to support her afterward as her child grows. We are there for her and for her children. Life Centers doesn’t care only about whether she chooses life; we care about helping her and her child succeed in life afterward.

Do you have items you are able to donate to the support services ministry of Life Centers? No donation is too small! Every blanket and every ounce of formula helps. If you are interested in donating items, you can drop them off at any Life Centers location, including the Administration Office. Do you need help transporting it? We can help with that. Or do you have a question about whether an item you have can be donated? We can answer that. Call us at 317-280-2635.

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