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Back In Boone County

We are very happy to be back full-time in Boone County! Listen as Boone County Center Director April Wilson talks to Coach about opening a new pregnancy center in Lebanon, and how the community has responded to our presence.

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Shopping for Life Centers

Life Centers is very fortunate to have many men and women who give their time, money, and unwavering support to our ministry. We wouldn’t exist as a resource to moms, dads, and babies who come to us for guidance, information, and support services without them. Being an organization that primarily provides to women, it isn’t often that men donate their time to support us. That isn’t the case for Dana Andrews.

Dana Andrews

Dana was sitting in church one morning when he saw in the bulletin that Life Centers had a need for baby clothing and other baby-related items. This spoke to him because he had wanted to do more than sit in church for one hour a week and put money in the offering plate. Dana longed to do more for the Christian community, and helping Life Centers was something he knew he could do.

Already an avid “garage-saler,” Dana knew that’s where he would start. He goes to several yard and garage sales in the summer and fall months collecting baby clothes and items. Often times, he purchases an entire table of baby and toddler clothes at a garage sale. When the seller finds out Dana is buying these items to donate to Life Centers, they sometimes give him a discount and donate more items, such as baby blankets.

As his service to Life Centers continued over the last four and a half years, Dana has picked up on which stores have the best deals to really stretch his dollar. “Big Lots has the best deal on baby wipes, and on the first Saturday of every month Goodwill has everything 50% off,” Dana explains. Having no children of his own, he has also learned a thing or two about baby clothes. “When I dropped off clothes to one of the centers, I asked if there was anything in particular they were in need of that maybe I hadn’t brought. The center director told me they were really in need of “onesies” for newborn babies. I had no idea what a “onesie” was, so she had to explain it to me. We both got a laugh out of that.”

Countless babies have been impacted by Dana’s service to Life Centers. He doesn’t do it for recognition or praise, he simply states, “I get a great deal of satisfaction from it. I really enjoy being able to help in a way I know I can.”

Dana is retiring from his full-time job soon, and will have to scale back his involvement with Life Centers to some degree. His hope is that someone else will be inspired by his story and pick up where he will soon leave off. “You just have to want to help,” says Dana.

Are you interested in volunteering or helping Life Centers in some way? Visit https://lifecenters.com/get-involved/volunteer/ to get involved, or check out our list of urgent needs!

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