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Pregnant And Grieving

There are some things that just aren’t easy to talk about. Having an abortion, I’d imagine, is probably pretty high on the list.

Yet like many things, talking about it and working through the pain or confusion an abortion leaves behind is a way to begin the healing process.

This was the case for Sammy.*

After a pregnancy test confirmed she was pregnant, she sat down to talk with one of our peer counselors.

During their discussion, Sammy shared how she was very broken hearted over a previous abortion. As she relived her abortion, recalling the details and the decision to abort her baby, she cried quite a bit. It was very obvious that her abortion is something she still struggles with.

Sammy opened up about her abortion with one of our peer counselors, who she has never met, but felt comfortable enough to do so as she indicated on her exit survey.

What was most helpful about your visit today?
“I felt comfortable talking about deep seeded issues that I never share with people. I received plenty of information that will help me in the future.”

Additional comments:
“This was the best center I could have ever found on a random online search to get answers. Very helpful and kind. I got the information needed to direct me in the right direction. Hoping to have a healthy pregnancy and baby to take home this time.”

Suffering in silence about an abortion can be unbearable, but many people are.

This is a huge reason Life Centers exists; to offer support and comfort to those who feel alone.

Soar (spiritually oriented abortion recovery) is a post-abortion recovery support group for both men and women impacted by the loss of a child to abortion.  Life Centers leads participants on a confidential journey of recovery in an intimate support group with others who are moving toward freedom and healing.

For more information about soar please contact Machelle Montgomery at (317) 923-9030 or mmontgomery@lifecenters.com and visit our webpage at https://lifecenters.com/learn-more/services/post-abortion/.

*Name has been changed.

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Passion to Protect Unborn Knows No Age Restriction


The passion for serving the unborn continues to be passed down to the next generation. It’s amazing that a child as young as 10-years-old can understand that all lives have value; one life is not more important than another or is more deserving to live, and protecting and speaking up for the unborn is necessary and should be done.

In the Bible, we see that God died for all human beings, saving all souls, because to God all human lives have equal value. “For God does not show favoritism” (Romans 2:11).

One 10-year-old who knows God’s word to be true is Annalise.

At her school, the students were challenged to bring their own lunches with the incentive that they would be given fifty cents per lunch to be given to the charity of their choice.

Annalise was inspired immediately, and knew she wanted to raise money for Life Centers to help save babies. She set her goal to raise at least $50 and got to work.

In the end, Annalise exceeded her goal, raising $64 and donated all of it to Life Centers. That money is enough to cover the cost of a Baby Bundle! This 10-year-old girl was able to make an impact in a baby’s life who she will probably never meet. But the important thing to Annalise is saving any and all lives, because she knows all human life has equal worth and IS valuable, just as God has said.

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