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Your Program Saved My Life and My Daughter’s Life

Some of the most powerful, most impactful, most miraculous stories are told directly from the source. We shared this client’s story, Failed Abortion Was Little Boys’ Answered Prayer For Baby Sister,  back in February. She wrote her story and sent it to us, wanting to share with others how Life Centers can help them, too. Her story is truly moving and shows how mighty the Lord we serve really is.

I was recruited by a company from my home state to Indianapolis in the fall of 2017.  Right before our move, my husband and I found out we were expecting.  At 35 (me) and 40 (him) we were not expecting to have another child.  While I was reluctant, he was insistent, and we proceeded with a medical abortion. This doesn’t happen to us! We’re adults with college educations, we make good money, we were careful, we were married, I hold a prominent professional position.  This just doesn’t happen to us, or people like us. 

The abortion failed.  As we found out some months later after we arrived in Indiana.  I called every place in town looking for help.  Your centers were the only ones that truly helped me during this difficult time.  My husband left for a period, to process the news and I was on my own with a young son as well.  After a few months apart, God put it on his heart to return to us. 

We prayed for the baby together.  And I felt something change in my heart towards this child.  Pregnancy was pretty non-eventful, however God showed his great mercy again, when I nearly died on the operating table from an amniotic fluid embolism, hysterectomy, and inverted uterus.  As it turns out – the fact the placenta had grown into the uterus is largely the contributing factor as to why the abortion didn’t medically work.  Spiritually, God didn’t want it to work, and He always knows what he’s doing. 

This life and death experience for me and my new 3-month old daughter has changed my opinion on pro-life versus pro-choice.  She has completed our family.  I’m trying to pay it forward now, bringing in items to the location that my daughter doesn’t need any more to help others.   If there is a call to action – it is this.  YOUR PROGRAM SAVED MY LIFE AND MY DAUGHTERS LIFE.  Without your donors and volunteers, I don’t think I would be here today.  Thank you for all you do for our community and our children. 

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