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Spanish Language Radio

Life Center Supporters,

I wanted to update you on the progress we seen since we launched our translation program last year. The results have exceeded our expectations and we are thankful the donors who stepped up in faith and helped fund this initiative.

We have seen a 250% year over year increase in clients coming in to our centers that don’t have English as their first language. The Hispanic community has embraced us and have affirmed to us that they are grateful to have a place like Life Centers to help them as they face challenging pregnancy related decisions.

We want to take this to the next step now that we have refined and honed our processes and procedures to help the Hispanic community. We have an opportunity to advertise on the city’s #1 Hispanic radio station for the entire summer at a discounted rate. These 60 second spots will run 50 times a week for 13 weeks at just $8 p/ spot. The total investment to do this would be $5,200 and we believe this is the most economical and impactful way we can further reach vulnerable women and children.

Our request is simple, would you consider investing again in this endeavor with us? The window for this special offer closes on May 19th 2019. If 26 donors stepped up and invested in this campaign just $200, we would cover the entire cost.

We thank you for your investment in the lives of the mothers and babies that come in to our centers and are grateful you are committed with us as we work on the front lives to save babies and transform lives.

If you would like to donate to help us reach out to more women in need of our life-saving ministry you can here: https://lifecenters.com/give/online-donations/

In His service,


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