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Serving Others Safely Amidst Pandemic

Though we recently made the tough decision to temporarily close our centers during this pandemic, we are still working and seeing clients. Women who are just discovering they are pregnant are calling our center directors daily to get direction and are finding hope and compassion on the other end of the phone line. Those who depend on us most can not wait for things to go “back to normal;” they need us now.

In addition to counseling women daily, we are seeing moms every Tuesday at our Downtown Center. We are calling our clients and scheduling times for them to come in to get diapers, wipes, or formula for their babies and children. We will continue to see clients each Tuesday until our centers re-open.

On Tuesday, April 7, we served 15 clients, provided diapers and wipes for 19 children, and formula for 6 babies. 

We are not sitting idly by, waiting for this storm to end. We are still actively supporting women making pregnancy-related decisions and showing them they have a network of support behind them when they choose life for their baby. Thank you for your support and for coming along side us, so that we can continue to come along side women, their children, and their unborn babies.

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Helping Women Beyond Our Center Walls, Beyond State of Indiana

“Our ministry is not contained in the walls of our Life Centers’ buildings.” This is what Machelle Montgomery, our West Center Director, said this past week. In fact, it seems that our ministry is not even contained within the state of Indiana.

God Ordained
Last week, a young lady called our administration office and requested counseling. Machelle returned the call. It turned out to be another one of the many God ordained moments we are experiencing during this unique crisis while our centers are physically closed. The woman on the other end of the call is not even from Indiana. She lives in Kansas. Three weeks ago she had an abortion. Really struggling with the decision she made to end her baby’s life, she was looking for help anywhere she could find it. Panicked, she started searching the internet and found the post-abortive information on Life Centers’ website. That’s when she called us.

She explained to Machelle that since she is now forced to stay at home, as we all are, she is being confronted with her decision to abort. She explained she knew her decision was wrong. Her isolation has left her with no one to talk to and she was slipping into depression. The woman was so thankful to connect with Machelle, and even allowed Machelle to pray for her during their conversation. Machelle encouraged her to call anytime during this quarantine. She was provided with such hope and a listening ear she can turn to anytime- even if that listening ear is in Indiana.

Machelle leads our post-abortive ministry, SOAR (Spiritually Oriented Abortion Recovery) and the fact that she called back this young woman without knowing the circumstances points towards God’s providence. The two talked for over 30 minutes and Machelle was able to share with her some resources and scheduled follow up counseling conversations.

We Are Still Working
God is still working. We are still working. Even though COVID-19 has our centers closed, our directors are still counseling young women over the phone daily. We are still sharing the gospel, filling women with hope, and giving them compassion. In addition to counseling over the phone, we are scheduling clients for support service visits weekly to provide them with diapers, wipes, and other essentials. We will never stop. Thank you for supporting this ministry. Since God is always working, we are always working.

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