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OVERRULED: Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

There is a right to live.

This is monumental. The authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives. Supreme Court Justice Alito said, “Roe was egregiously wrong and on a collision course with the Constitution from the day it was decided.” The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion, and thankfully the 50 years of injustice for the unborn is OVER.

Thank you to our supporters, who have unwaveringly backed Life Centers for the last 40 years. Please continue to pray for the ministry and for our six pregnancy centers. We need your fervent prayers of protection now that this decision has been made official. We have seen several pregnancy resource centers across our nation come under attack. Please pray for the safety of our staff and volunteers. Thank you for standing with us. Pregnancy centers are needed now more than ever.

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God’s Perfect Timing

A center director called our Downtown Center to see if we had any extra toys for a 3-year-old girl. A client had just called to make an appointment and also asked if we had any toys we could give her for her daughter’s birthday. The mother didn’t have much she could give her daughter. Unfortunately, we really didn’t have many, if any, toys at the time, but we offered to provide her with some extra books and a cute stuffed animal. 
Not even an hour later, a volunteers’ husband from the Downtown Center calls the center and says he’s outside with something to drop off. We walked outside thinking he’s got a car load of donations, and he hands us one toy. It’s a brand new toy for girls ages 3 and up. That’s all he had. He drove all the way to the center just to give us that toy right before we closed. 
We were able to provide our client with a brand new toy that she can give to her daughter for her birthday. God truly provides exactly what we need, at the exact time, and it is remarkable to witness that so clearly in our centers! 

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“It has feet and legs- that is a baby!”

11 weeks pregnant. That’s how far along Alisha* was when she came into our center. She was undecided on what to do with her pregnancy, and considering abortion. 

After it was determined that she was 11 weeks pregnant, her Client Advocate showed her a picture of what an 11 week old baby looks like. Alisha instantly started crying and said, “It has feet and legs- that is a baby! That isn’t just a glob of tissue!” After they talked more, Alisha’s Client Advocate reassured her and said “God will be with you and help you.” 

An ultrasound was scheduled for the following Monday. Alisha asked her Client Advocate to join her during the ultrasound exam. During the ultrasound, Alisha was amazed at how big and active her baby was. Earlier that morning, she received a job offer that would allow her to stay at home. Alisha looked at her advocate with tears in her eyes and said, “You told me that God had my back and He does, and I can do this.”

*client’s name has been changed

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