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Christmas Money Donated to Life Centers by 13 Year-Old Boy

Even four months later, we are still seeing the positive effects of our 2022 Celebration of Life banquet with Tim Tebow. 

A 13 year-old boy, named Josiah, attended the banquet with his mom this past October. Being a huge fan of Tim Tebow, we were able to arrange for Josiah to meet Tim and even get a picture taken with the two-time national champion and Heisman Trophy winner. Josiah knows Tim’s story well of how doctors encouraged his mom, Pamela Tebow, to abort Tim because the pregnancy was threatening her own life. Thankfully, she and Tim both lived to tell the tale. 

So inspired by the night of the banquet, and by Tebow’s powerful speech, Josiah donated his Christmas money to Life Centers. His mom tells us, “He didn’t even hesitate who he wanted to donate his money to!” We received a card with money inside from Josiah. (Pictured right)

We are completely moved by Josiah’s generous heart and encouraged by the actions of this young man.

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