A Mother’s Support

This week a mother called one of our centers. She was in search of a counselor that could talk with her daughter, who recently found out she was pregnant and had scheduled an abortion. She had tried to share the truth about life with her daughter, but realized she was too close to the situation to be heard. 
When the daughter came in for her appointment, she told her counselor she didn’t want to have an abortion, but was concerned about finances and being a single mom.  She also felt pressure because the father of the baby was leaning toward abortion. But after hearing the truth about life and learning about the opportunity for a free ultrasound, she decided to cancel her abortion appointment. She scheduled a return visit so she and her boyfriend can view the ultrasound together. What a blessing that Life Centers was able to offer hope to a daughter in crisis and also provide support to a mother in her time of need.

Please pray for this daughter, her boyfriend and her mother.  And please consider donating to Life Centers so that more counseling and ultrasounds can be provided.

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