A Picture of Life


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. At Life Centers, we know that a picture can be worth a life.

Life Centers provides ultrasounds at no cost to women who come into our centers considering abortion. When women look at the screen and see their baby, it changes everything. The reality and truth of life wash over them, and realization visible dawns on their faces as they grasp the beauty of the life they carry.

After the ultrasound, women shared with us how the ultrasound helped them.

“This can change your mind about your decisions.”

“Seeing the baby made my decision easier.”

“I am happy now that I have seen and accept the new baby and I definitely want to parent.”

“My baby is alive and has a heartbeat!”

“I really have a baby inside of me.”

Eight weeks into a pregnancy, it’s hard to comprehend all the changes and all the implications. It’s hard to imagine that little person really exists. Seeing the baby on the screen, being able to download the image and share it on their phones, it changes everything.

It is a privilege to use these machines to show mothers and fathers, grandparents and aunts and uncles and great grandparents, the existence of life, and help them understand its value.

Have you ever been present for an ultrasound? What did you think of the experience? Comment below!

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