A Shower of Support

A large part of our ministry is throwing baby showers. This might surprise you, but some of the women who come to our centers do not have family support for their new babies. Sometimes, the family is not excited about the pregnancy, the significant other is not supportive of the mom’s choice to keep the baby, or the new mom simply doesn’t have anyone to host a baby shower for her.

That’s where we come in!

We want to show encouragement to the young woman who just found out she was pregnant. Baby showers can supply moms-to-be with the basic items they need to care for their little one. Something as simple as a baby shower can give a new mom confidence to properly care for her child.

Avrie came to Life Centers looking for support and information. She is excited to meet her son, Alexander, very soon, and says she will be bringing him into the center to meet everyone!

Recently, Burge Terrace Baptist Church hosted a baby shower for Austin, Avrie, and baby Alexander. More than fifty men, women, and children were in attendance to show love to this couple and their baby. Baby Alexander will be well supplied for his first year because of the outpouring support shown to Avrie and Austin.




If you are interested in hosting a baby shower email, info@lifecenters.com. The pregnancy center in your area will connect you with a client in need, and you can host the event at your church or local pregnancy center.  

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