Another Divine Appointment

You’ll hear us say often around Life Centers that every appointment is a divine appointment. The exact timing and details around so many of our clients’ visits make it so clear that God is at work powerfully all around us.
Just before Thanksgiving, a pair of college students came into one of our Centers to interview the director. They had been tasked by their professor to research a social issue. They chose abortion and met with Lucy, our Northeast Center director.
Lucy prayed for the Lord’s wisdom and clarity and His words to be spoken, as she does before each counseling session with clients. The meeting took an unexpected personal turn soon after it started. One of the college students shared that she had an abortion in her past. She detailed how the abortion still haunts her—recalling the event each year the date rolls by and looking at her other child knowing she aborted their sibling.

She asked if the memory of abortion ever goes away.

They talked about how so many women are devastated by past abortions. Lucy shared that God does bring forgiveness and healing, and she told the woman about the Life Centers GRACE program. The interview continued, but it kept turning back to her abortion. Before she left, she took a GRACE brochure. Then she commented that she thought she was only coming to the Center that day for a school assignment. Clearly God had more in mind.  

Isn’t He good? It’s such a blessing to be part of the Life Centers family and watch God move in amazing ways. If you’d like to be part of what He’s doing here, please consider volunteering or giving a financial donation. We’d love to have you alongside us!

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