Answering the Call

It was 8:30am on a Tuesday. Our centers were not open yet, but Godly counsel was still available through the Life Centers Helpline.  The call came in from a young woman that was a senior at Ball State, and she was on her way to an appointment at an abortion clinic in Indianapolis.

She was feeling uneasy about her appointment. She Googled “pregnancy help” and Life Centers’ phone number popped up.  She was crying and just needed someone to talk to.

Julie answered the call.  Someone else was supposed to have the phone that morning but God knew that Julie needed to answer this one.  She listened as the young woman shared how overwhelmed she felt.  The woman decided that she would rather meet with Julie instead of keeping her abortion appointment at this time.

They spent an hour and a half together.  Julie explained fetal development, abortion risks, pregnancy options, and most importantly, the Gospel.  She convinced the client to schedule an ultrasound with the ministry.
A week later, Julie called the client to see if she was still coming to the ultrasound appointment.  She wasn’t.  She was going to her own OB/GYN for an ultrasound and pregnancy exam.  She had decided not to abort. She had chosen life, and she had decided to parent!

Would you be a wise counselor for someone considering abortion?  Even if you aren’t available to help during ‘business hours’, you can make a life-changing and life-saving difference by serving on the Helpline after hours.   If you are interested in hearing more of the story or would like to learn more about becoming a Helpline volunteer, contact Julie Senefeld at 317-403-2211 orjsenefeld@lifecenters.com.

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