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Natalie’s Story

When I first came to the pregnancy center, I was really scared. Finding out that I was pregnant had happened so fast. When I came to my peer counselor for help, I was an emotional mess.

I wanted to look at adoption first. My peer counselor shared with me all of my options. I decided to keep my child.

As we talked, I also decided I wanted to rededicate my life to Christ. My peer counselor has been here for me and been a really good friend to me. We started doing a Bible study once a week, and I started going to church every Sunday.

She also invited me to the Celebration of Life Banquet. It really turned everything around for me. That night really changed my whole outlook.

After I chose life and rededicated my life to Christ, it was amazing. A church threw a baby shower for me. I didn’t even understand how I was receiving so much. I would have never been able to do this alone. God has given me everything I need and more. I talk to God every day.

I am so thankful for my son Richard. He is everything I prayed for. I am grateful to my peer counselor and the volunteers at Life Centers who continue to help me and have changed my life.

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Kiarica’s Story

I decided to take a pregnancy test, and the results were positive. I was in shock and really didn’t know what to think. So I decided to look on the internet at different resources, and I read about a place called Life Centers.

I told [my peer counselor] why I was there…  I explained this to her, and she was there to listen.

I knew I needed to get my life in order since I was going to be a mom, so the first step was finding a church home and restoring my relationship with God. When I had my mind made up with this, it seems as if blessings and favor just began to fall out of the sky. … So now I am working full time and taking 19 credit hours to graduate on time.

I can’t wait until [my son] is here so he can hear my testimony, and I can tell him all about you guys and how you helped me.

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