Banquet Recap

On April 23rd, over 1,200 of our friends and supporters (over 250 more than last year) attended the 2015 Celebration of Life banquet. This year’s keynote speaker was Ret Lt Col Oliver North and what a powerful message of life he gave. We shared a video testimony of how Life Centers was able to replace all three of our ultrasound machines. We also had a client video featuring a mother and father who made a powerful decision for life as a result of visiting one of our pregnancy centers.
Our theme this year was centered on compassion which is part of our new branding tag line, “We Choose Compassion”. I shared with everyone Who we are, What we do and most importantly, Why we do what we do. Central to this was sharing the importance of family and how I believe we should not just be pro-life, but pro-abundant life.

I also took the opportunity to share the vital role fathers play in the decision for life. Just as God chose Mary as the mother of His Son, He also gave instructions to Joseph to be a father to Jesus and a husband to Mary. In many ways, Joseph had the same challenges that today’s fathers struggle with. He had hopes, dreams and aspirations, none of which included a baby before he was married. As we move forward, we must and will continue to engage and encourage fathers in the powerful role they play in sustaining family life.
I also shared the heartwarming story of Robin. At the age of 20, she found herself pregnant and overwhelmed with the gravity of being a parent. Afraid, worried and frightened about the prospects of being a new parent, she sought out help from friends and family. Everywhere she turned, she was met with resistance and nobody willing to provide even the simplest of guidance or direction. Everyone told her not to go through with the pregnancy. But, in spite of what others told her, she knew that abortion was not an option.

Determined to find help, she discovered www.pregnancychoicesindy.com (Life Centers’ client-focused website). Upon visiting our center that day, Robin finally found a place that affirmed her desire to carry her baby. She made a statement to me that I will never forget. She said, “I finally found someone who was in my corner”. In just a few words, she beautifully summed up why we do what we do. We stand in the corner for the life of the unborn and the soul of the mother.

In 2015, we plan to look for a new location in Hendricks County. Because of the generosity of one of our church partners, we will be installing new signage at most of our locations this year. The reason new signage is important is so that our centers have the same look and feel as our client website www.pregnancychoicesindy.com.


The Life Centers’ Board of Directors, staff and volunteers are deeply grateful and thankful to each of you for your prayers and support as we continue our mission to defend the life of the unborn while transforming the life of our clients through Christ’s love.

– Tom Shevlot, Executive Director Life Centers

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