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“I feel like there is a fire inside of me where there was once only ashes.”

The following is a real text message that was sent to a volunteer at one of our centers from a client. This client had been dealing with the pain of abortion and was introduced to our post-abortion recovery program, SOAR, spiritually oriented abortion recovery. It is completely humbling.

“This is going to be super long, and out of nowhere, but I’m just sitting here thinking so I’m going to type it out as best I can.

I’m thinking of how I will never find the words to be able to tell you how truly thankful I am for you. God’s love shines so brightly through you and it cut through the darkest places of my mind and heart. Places so dark, I didn’t even know they were there. And I didn’t even know how sad I was until that sadness was stripped away, little by little, all because you cared enough to introduce me to SOAR. And you cared enough to love me through the worst, ugliest, messiest moments of my life. And love like that can only come from Jesus. It has shown me how I’m supposed to love others.

Thank you for letting His love break through the walls that I had built around my heart. Thank you for the ability to laugh so hard I cry. Thank you for letting me be unapologetically myself. And for proving time and time again that you will always be there. I think of all of this every time I put a little more effort in to each day. It sounds so dumb, but I shower more. I pluck my eyebrows. I brush my teeth every day. I started flossing. All of this is so normal to most people, but I had stopped caring. And now I care again. I feel like there is a fire inside of me where there was once only ashes. I want to do better and be better, and live a life that shines for God like yours does. Thank you for being you. I truly mean that.”

For more information on SOAR, visit https://lifecenters.com/learn-more/services/post-abortion/.

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New Boone County Center Announced


Shenna Shrack
Director of Communications & Events

Life Centers Announces New Center in Boone County
A new full-time pregnancy center will open in Lebanon this November.

Indianapolis, IN: Today, Life Centers announced they have signed a lease for a new center in Lebanon, Indiana. The address is 1208 North Lebanon Street, Lebanon, Indiana 46052.

The new center is in a central location across from Lebanon Memorial Park. It will be open 5 days a week to serve the community full-time. Life Centers would like to thank the churches and the community in Lebanon. Without their support, it would not be possible to open a center in Boone County. We deeply appreciate their continued support for our mission to save babies and change lives.

Life Centers’ Executive Director Tom Shevlot says, “We are excited to have a presence back in Boone County. Our previous center in Lebanon was only part-time, but we know that this new full-time center will serve one of the fastest growing counties in Indiana well. Now that this center is full-time, we can help support and provide resources to many more young women and families that need our services.” Life Centers’ previous Lebanon location closed in July of 2016 due to a fire.

About Life Centers
Established in 1982, Life Centers is dedicated to affirming the value of life by providing compassionate care to women and men facing pregnancy decisions in Central Indiana. Life Centers is a non-profit, faith-based organization.

Committed staff and volunteers at their eight pregnancy centers provide free, confidential services including pregnancy tests, ultrasound exams, one-on-one counseling, and post-abortive support. They also meet the material needs of expectant mothers by providing maternity and baby clothing, diapers, bottles and other baby items.

For more information about Life Centers visit LifeCenters.com.

About Boone County
Boone County is constantly ranked as either the #1 or #2 fastest growing county in Indiana. Life Centers has had a presence in Boone County for 20 years.

The official opening of the Boone County Center will be on November 1, 2017. There will be a soft opening on Saturday, October 14 after the Walk + Run for Life event at Lebanon Memorial Park. Those interested will be able to walk through and tour the new center. Please contact Shenna Shrack at sshrack@lifecenters.com if you have any questions.

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