Give While You Shop


Kroger ImageWhen shopping at Kroger and using your Kroger Plus Card, you can give to Life Centers. Life Centers has enrolled in the Kroger Community Rewards Program. This program allows Kroger Plus members to designate Life Centers to receive a percentage of what they spend at Kroger. We are already seeing significant donations through this program. Thank you to those who have enrolled!

To designate Life Centers as your charity of choice in the Kroger Community Rewards Program, visit the website krogercommunityrewards.com, set up an account and enter 79056 when asked to enter a “NPO #” (non profit organization). Thank you.

Banquet Recap


On April 23rd, over 1,200 of our friends and supporters (over 250 more than last year) attended the 2015 Celebration of Life banquet. This year’s keynote speaker was Ret Lt Col Oliver North and what a powerful message of life he gave. We shared a video testimony of how Life Centers was able to replace all three of our ultrasound machines. We also had a client video featuring a mother and father who made a powerful decision for life as a result of visiting one of our pregnancy centers.

Tom Shevlot on Pete Heck Show Talking Banquet


List to Audio


PH: You know I talk all the time about Life Centers of Indianapolis and how they’re good friends of ours, good friends of the show and the program – but they have a special event coming up and I’ve been talking about it recently – but then I thought what better way to address this and let you know about it than to bring on the mastermind behind the whole thing, Tom Shevlot. Tom’s been on the program before, but I’m agreeing to bring him back on again. I didn’t want to, it was against my better judgment (laughter) but Tom thanks so much for your time. Again, let folks know about this banquet – what’s going on? (more…)

Oliver North Talks about the Celebration of Life Banquet


Lt Col Oliver North was on the Garrison Show on WIBC (93.1) this morning and he talked extensively about the Celebration of Life Banquet and Life Centers.  LISTEN HERE

A New Way Your Shopping Benefits Life Centers


Kroger ImageI wanted to share this exciting news.  We are now set up with Kroger supermarkets as one of their charities they will dedicate a percentage of your total spend when you shop at Kroger using your Kroger Plus card.  Please take a few minutes and register your card using the link below in the first bullet point.  When you register, you will be asked what charity you wish to support, just type in Life Centers and click the box next to it.  It is that simple.  Please follow the directions below step by step as it takes about 5 minutes to enroll. 


A Sad Anniversary


Roe V. Wade
Today is the 42nd anniversary of the Roe V Wade decision. A sad reminder of a choice our government has made about the value of life. Since that decision, more than 55 million abortions have occurred in the United States. Regardless of what the future holds concerning abortion laws, Life Centers will be on the front lines showing compassion and giving hope to young women facing pregnancy decisions.

Life Centers Joins in Celebration of Two Lives



 On Saturday January 17th, the day before Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, many gathered at the Washington East Park Cemetery to celebrate two lives that ended too early. Baby Amelia, a newborn  who was found wrapped in a sweatshirt near Eagle Creek Park on December 28th and baby Harmony, who recently drowned in a bathtub. Their joint service was organized by a ministry called He Knows Your Name. Many from Life Centers were there to take part in the service. A local news crew from WRTV-6 (ABC) covered the event. Mia Coltrane, a volunteer at Life Centers, was there and told the news reporter “It was important for us to be here today just to show respect for these children who didn’t have a chance.”  We were honored to be part of the celebration that so beautifully showed the value and beauty of life.

To see the video from WRTV-6 click here.

The (Long) Story of New Branding and Websites


When 2014 started, we set a goal to improve our websites. Our main site (lifecenters.com) and our client focused website (pregnancychoicesindy.com) both were 8+ years old and showing their age (websites age in dog years). The main site was difficult to edit and was written in a programming language that was no longer being supported. It was also cumbersome and unable to handle many of the things found in a more modern website. The client site was worse. I could not update it at all, and when we moved into our Admin office, the address listed on the website stayed the same.

I began to interview web developers. I ended up interviewing eight different groups. It was probably premature, since we had no budget for a website. (more…)

Life. Change.



On November 9th, Plainfield Christian Church launched a Bottles for Babies campaign where empty baby bottles were handed out to all those who attended that day in their four services.  Life Centers and PCC have had a long and rewarding relationship where they are locked arm-in-arm with us on the front lines of meeting the needs of women facing pregnancy related decisions. 


Tom’s Interview on Pete Heck Show


The Pete Heck Show can be heard locally on WIBC 93.1 FM on Sunday’s at 8:00am. He recently interviewed Life Center’s Executive Director Tom Shevlot.


(Begin transcript)

PH: We have here a long-time sponsor of the program, and great friends – I regard what they do as a ministry, beyond just a business and all that. It’s Life Centers of Indianapolis, and we’ve got Tom Shevlot of Life Centers on the line right now, Tom, I don’t just want this to be a sponsor plug time. I want folks to hear you, to hear your passion, to hear your heart for this issue of life and everything that you’re doing there at Life Centers. First of all thanks for joining us.


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