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Car Show July 11th to Benefit Life Centers

Article from TownePost.com by Keeley Miller

On July 11, Geist Chapel is hosting their first Cars for Kids car show.

“The Cars for Kids Geist Chapel car show was a result of a couple of people. Melissa Miles and Ken Gardner, who attend our church, are very much involved and enthusiasts in classic cars and are collectors themselves. Brian Current from Life Centers has been very helpful in helping us put together the promotional materials,” said pastor Luis Llerena. “We were talking about how we had already been supporters of the crisis pregnancy centers through other events, and we thought that maybe it was time to create our own event. We wanted to provide a fundraiser that would raise money for those centers as well as be a fun time for our neighborhood to enjoy the fun and exciting time of being able to see classic cars.”

image4The event will benefit Life Centers, a central Indiana organization that provides care for women facing unplanned pregnancies, as well as Geist Chapel Youth. Admission for spectators is free and car registration for the contests costs $15. From noon- 4 p.m., cars will be shown in the parking lot behind the church. Judging will happen at 3 p.m. with awards for the top 25 and best of show at 4 p.m. Llerena hopes to see the car show become an annual event for the church.

“I really believe in the cause. I am really happy that we can benefit the great work that Life Centers has done and be able to encourage our youth ministry as well,” said Llerena. “We are estimating between 50 and 75 cars [this year]. We are hoping that it will be a great showing and that it will grow and the neighborhood will be excited about it. We will have music playing and refreshments available for purchase. People can just walk around and enjoy these really neat cars.”

Geist Chapel, located in Admiral’s Point, provides a place not only for religious worship but for community leisure. It features a basketball court, tennis court and a trail in the 10 acre campus. The church welcomes everyone to the campus, even if they are not a member of the church.image1

“I have been here over 10 years now. We really appreciate the Indiana hospitality and the wonderful people that we have met here,” said Llerena. “ It is because of that that we feel so comfortable in the neighborhood. We feel that we have been welcomed as neighbors and are hoping that we can be part of a great community as well as a place that people can come to worship and just enjoy our property here, almost like a park. We enjoy having it here for people to be able to enjoy.”

Llerena’s own love for classic cars influenced his excitement for the event.

“I am excited for just looking at the cars,” Llerena said. “I am one of those oddities that would rather have a fully restored classic car than a new car. A new car loses value every day it leaves the lot, even if you did get a great deal on your car loan through a price comparison website similar to www.moneyexpert.com. A classic car increases in value and there are only so many of them. They are a picture of our belief system, in that we believe in restoration of people’s lives. These cars have been restored. It is a wonderful picture to remind us of how God can change lives and restore them from where they were before.”

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