Baby Bottle Campaign

Bottles for Babies is a way for businesses, organizations, or groups (such as churches) to have their employees/members directly provide financial support to the ministry of Life Centers without direct funding from your business or organization. Bottles are distributed to your group and then returned to us with money, in the forms of change, cash, or checks. Those funds are used to transform lives and save babies right here in greater Indianapolis. The bottles also raise awareness regarding the ministry of Life Centers.

Use your change to change lives by launching a Bottles for Babies fundraising campaign.

We’ll count all of the money and report back how much was raised.

If you have bottles to return, please bring them to our administrative office: 9511 Angola Ct. Suite 215 Indianapolis, IN 46268.

For more information or to get started, please contact: Brian Current.



Feel free to download this video directly from Vimeo to use for your Baby Bottle campaign promotion!

Click on any of the links below to save or print the following flyers and slides.

Info Sheet For Churches


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