Your support and confidence in the kingdom work we are doing every day allows us to serve families making pregnancy-related decisions with the hope that can only come from Jesus. The miracles we see in our six centers are a direct result of your prayers and support.

Women come into our centers determined to have an abortion, and after seeing their baby through an ultrasound decide to parent. “You have made me change my mind. I think I am moving on and keeping my baby.” – A mother supported through Life Centers

A mother came in with her 3-year-old daughter who was barefoot and in need of shoes, and just the day before, one of you, a supporter, dropped off a donation of a pair of shoes in exactly that little girls’ size.

We can’t witness these miracles without you. We need your prayers and your support.

“You know, you guys have the wrong name. You shouldn’t be called Pregnancy Choices, you should just be called Miracles. That’s what you are.” – A mother helped through Life Centers

Please make your gift by Friday, December 31st so that we can end 2021 stronger than ever; able to help more families making pregnancy-related decisions than ever; able to transform more lives through a relationship with Christ than ever; able to save more babies from abortion than ever.

Ways To Give:

  1. Use the donation form below
  2. Text @LC to 52014 to make a secure donation
  3. Mail a check to 9511 Angola Court, Suite 215, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Here is how you can help save more lives. Cover the cost to fully support those who come to us making pregnancy-related decisions or need help with baby items. Fully supporting a client means covering the cost of  a pregnancy test, ultrasound, peer counseling, and maternity support items.




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