What a year! What a life-changing year- the year of 2020. The pandemic has had a huge impact on the world. I’m certain it has had an impact on you and your family. It has had an impact on our ministry, especially financially. We are learning the importance of having other people in our lives. Isolation is hard for most everyone, and being cut off from others has reminded us to stay close to the people we care about and to serve those in need.

What a year! What a life-changing year- the year Jesus was born. Can you imagine the impact Jesus’ birth had on Mary? Obviously, Christ’s birth impacted the entire world, but Mary even more so. She must have felt so isolated. Fortunately, she had Joseph. Through an angel, God asked Joseph to do two things: to be a husband to Mary, and a father to the child growing inside her.

What a ministry! What a life-changing, life-saving ministry- Life Centers. We invest in thousands of unsure men and women every year by pouring the love of Christ into them. We are in their corner. Because you support us, you are in their corner. These men and women no longer have to feel isolated.

Did you know that 87% of the contributions made to Life Centers come directly from individuals? 13% comes from churches. Help us serve many more men, women, and their children before 2020 comes to a close by making a tax-deductible, year end gift today.

Ways To Give:

  1. Use the donation form below
  2. Text @LC to 52014 to make a secure donation
  3. Mail a check to 9511 Angola Court, Suite 215, Indianapolis, IN 46268

Here is how you can help save more lives. Cover the cost to fully support those who come to us making pregnancy-related decisions or need help with baby items. Fully supporting a client means covering the cost of  a pregnancy test, ultrasound, peer counseling, and maternity support items.




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