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Home and Heart


Last week, a young woman came into one of our centers seeking an abortion. A counselor listened to her story as the woman explained that she would soon be homeless. She was living with her brothers, but when they found out she was pregnant, they told her she had to leave the home. She already has two children and did not have anywhere to go. The counselor went to work and began contacting shelters. All week, several times a day, the counselor called them, not taking “no” for an answer. Finally, Wheeler Mission Ministries took the young women and her kids in. 

A Short Victory Story


Recently, a woman came into one of our centers carrying her young child. She told the volunteer that she just wanted to thank Life Centers because 2 years ago she was considering an abortion. She shared that she was a daughter of a pastor, who got pregnant during a rough time in her life. The client looked at her child who is now 1 ½ years old and shared that because of Life Centers, she has this beautiful gift. Now she and the baby’s father are married and following the Lord!
How wonderful to hear how God is redeeming lives at Life Centers!

Words from Our Clients


We thought you would like to hear from our clients how much impact the new ultrasound machines are having. After an ultrasound, we have them answer this question on an exit form: What did you learn from the ultrasound? How did it help? Here are some recent answers: 

“The pictures and the talk were helpful. I learned how far along I am. The heartbeat helped make my decision to keep the baby.”

“Seeing the baby and learning how far I am.”



No Barriers


Recently, a young Hispanic couple came into one of our centers for a pregnancy test. She wanted her boyfriend in the counseling room with her because, although she understood English, she did not speak it. His English was better. As the young woman left to take her pregnancy test, the counselor asked the boyfriend if he was thinking about marriage. He said that they were too young to get married. The counselor responded, “If you are too young for marriage, then you are too young for sex.” The boyfriend smiled and the counselor pressed further. She asked if he knew what God’s Word said about sex outside of marriage and he said that he did. The counselor began to talk about the need for relation with God and for their relationship to line up with God’s word. (more…)

Not the ‘Abortion Type’


Recently, a young lady came into the Hendricks County center and indicated on the intake form that she was “undecided”. But in reality, she was ready to have an abortion.
As she sat down with the center director, she explained that she never thought that she would have an abortion until now. She said that her boyfriend would leave her if she was pregnant. They were recent college graduates and “not ready to have a baby.” He stated that he only wanted to have a baby after they were married. The pressure of this boyfriend of 2+ years leaving had her leaning toward what would have been unthinkable before. A positive pregnancy test confirmed that the decision was real. (more…)

The Story of 239


When you hear Life Centers report that 239 babies were saved from abortion in 2014, what do you think? Do you praise God but wonder why the number is not higher? Well it is. 

The number 239 comes from a very strict way of reporting. Some organizations have a looser way of reporting but we want to be conservative and accurate. When a young woman comes to one of our centers, she fills out an intake form. On that form, she is asked “If your test is positive, what are your intentions?” The options given are: Parenting, Adoption, Undecided or Abortion.  (more…)

Preventing Future Abortions


A young woman came to one of centers. She stated she had a positive home pregnancy test last week and a negative one last night. Understandably, she was confused on whether she was pregnant. She said she wanted to know for sure before her 12:45 appointment at an abortion clinic. She did not want to pay the $500 for the abortion if she wasn’t pregnant. She had already had her initial appointment with them the day before, and they had not performed a pregnancy test. She was headed there today for an ultrasound to verify pregnancy. (more…)

Great News from Westfield


Angela Evans, the Westfield Center Director, shared this with the staff last week:

God is doing GREAT things through His people to bless Life Centers! This past Saturday, I had the privilege of attending Life Church Noblesville’s Women’s Christmas Party, where the women each brought baby donations for the Westfield Center. The response was overwhelming – so many gifts were donated that our support services room is overflowing. Since then we also had another round of donations from Christ Community Church come into the Westfield center – along with donations Bethany Potts brought from admin! 

After I spoke in front of the women at Life Church and shared our mission and the statistics from September, eleven women responded to the Lord’s nudge on their heart and have signed up to volunteer!
Great news! If you want to get more involved in saving babies and transforming lives by volunteering, giving, hosting a baby shower, or in some other way, please visit lifecenters.com to get started.

The Need for Grace


One by one the candles were lit. Sixteen of them, each one representing a life. This was a memorial service for unborn children. One by one, the mothers spoke after they lit the candles. At times they shared what they would say to their children represented by the candles, at other times they spoke to the supportive audience gathered in the small sanctuary about themselves. This service was for the mothers; it was a part of Life Centers’ GRACE program.

A Perfect Note


When opening the mail last week, we received a picture of a sweet baby girl along with a thank you letter from her mother, a former client. Almost a year and a half ago, this client visited one of our centers and asked for an ultrasound to determine if she was too far along in her pregnancy to have an abortion. She was angry and abortion minded when she walked in the door, but after sitting with a counselor, getting information, and later receiving an ultrasound, she decided to choose life. (more…)

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