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A Mother’s Support


This week a mother called one of our centers. She was in search of a counselor that could talk with her daughter, who recently found out she was pregnant and had scheduled an abortion. She had tried to share the truth about life with her daughter, but realized she was too close to the situation to be heard. 

A Friend for Life


A former client came into one of our centers this week, and she was not alone. It was not her 10 month-old baby that she had with her, it was a friend. Over a year ago, this former client was pregnant and was being pushed toward abortion by her family. At Life Centers, she found a counselor and advocate who helped her choose life. Now she is leading her friend, who is in a similar situation, to Life Centers to receive the same compassion and counsel. 

Her friend met with the counselor and has decided not to have an abortion. The counselor encouraged her and connected her with resources, including a housing opportunity. How wonderful that the Sanctity of Human Life is not only being shared by our counselors, but our clients as well!

God Provides a Way for Life


A young woman made an appointment for an abortion.  Her boyfriend told her that he would leave her if she didn’t get one, and her friends told her that abortion was her best option. When she showed up at the abortion clinic, she had forgotten her ID and was told she would need to reschedule. 

When the next appointment came, her car would not start. Her boyfriend pressured her to schedule an out-of-state abortion because she was too far along in her pregnancy to have an abortion in Indiana.  When she finally refused, he left. 

Generations of Life


Yesterday, a 14-year old girl and her father came into one of our centers requesting a pregnancy test and abortion information.  When she saw that the test was positive, she sobbed. Her counselor spoke with her about the development of her baby.  She was shocked that in just seven and one half weeks, how fully formed the baby was. The counselor invited her father into the room and she disclosed the test results. He also broke down and cried. She said, “Dad, I thought I wanted an abortion, but I don’t think I do anymore.” Wiping away tears he replied, “Your mother and I have never told you this, but you were an unplanned pregnancy. We were planning on aborting you. Just before our abortion procedure appointment we said, ‘We can’t do this – we LOVE this baby!’” The girl embraced her father and said, “Oh Dad, thank you for letting me live!” They held each other and cried. 

There was an ultrasound technician working at the center that day who was able to perform an ultrasound immediately. As the father and daughter saw the tiny life on the screen, it sealed their decision. Abortion was no longer an option! The gospel was presented and they both stated that they knew Jesus Christ as their Savior. What a beautiful story of Life!

A Loving “Lecture”


A client recently commented as she was leaving one of our centers, “Thank you so much for leading me back to the right path with your encouraging lecture.” Does Life Centers lecture their clients? We do want to share with them the wisdom of God so they can walk in His design. Many of our clients need to hear hard truths and we prayerfully seek to lovingly share them.  It is the loving thing to do. Proverbs 27:5-6 says, “Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy.” And Galatians 6:1 says, “If anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness.”

If you want to be a part of this loving effort to help those ensnared in sin find freedom, please consider volunteering.

A Beautiful Setting


“It looks amazing!” Those were the words of Brooke Seibel, the Life Centers Downtown Director. Just before Christmas, a local commercial painting business owner contacted Life Centers and offered to send his crew to paint anywhere Life Centers needed, at no charge. We took him up on it by sending him a list of seven centers that had varying degrees of painting needs. During the break, they painted the entire interior of the Downtown center. It had been six years since it had been done and the transformation was evident. Because of his kindness and sacrificial giving, our clients at the Downtown Center have a beautiful and warm setting to receive words of life. We would like to thank Bob Sands and Indiana Painting Company for their help.
If you have a business or service and would like to use it to bless Life Centers in some way, please contact Brian Current at bcurrent@lifecenters.com or 317-968-9130 to talk about it.

Answering the Call


It was 8:30am on a Tuesday. Our centers were not open yet, but Godly counsel was still available through the Life Centers Helpline.  The call came in from a young woman that was a senior at Ball State, and she was on her way to an appointment at an abortion clinic in Indianapolis.

She was feeling uneasy about her appointment. She Googled “pregnancy help” and Life Centers’ phone number popped up.  She was crying and just needed someone to talk to.


Another Divine Appointment


You’ll hear us say often around Life Centers that every appointment is a divine appointment. The exact timing and details around so many of our clients’ visits make it so clear that God is at work powerfully all around us.
Just before Thanksgiving, a pair of college students came into one of our Centers to interview the director. They had been tasked by their professor to research a social issue. They chose abortion and met with Lucy, our Northeast Center director.

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