No Barriers

Recently, a young Hispanic couple came into one of our centers for a pregnancy test. She wanted her boyfriend in the counseling room with her because, although she understood English, she did not speak it. His English was better. As the young woman left to take her pregnancy test, the counselor asked the boyfriend if he was thinking about marriage. He said that they were too young to get married. The counselor responded, “If you are too young for marriage, then you are too young for sex.” The boyfriend smiled and the counselor pressed further. She asked if he knew what God’s Word said about sex outside of marriage and he said that he did. The counselor began to talk about the need for relation with God and for their relationship to line up with God’s word.

After the young woman returned to the room, the conversation continued. The pregnancy test was negative and the focus was now on both of their spiritual lives. The counselor would talk to the young man and woman and the young man would answer and interpret for his girlfriend. After a lot of conversation, the counselor asked the young man if he wanted to receive Christ as his savior. He did. He turned to his girlfriend and asked her. She did. The counselor prayed with both of them and they both received Christ that day! A language barrier was no match for God’s call on their lives! The counselor was able to give them a Spanish language Bible as well as an English Bible to take home with them.

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