One Question Away: Part One

This is part of a series of blog articles written by Brittany Sherrill for Life Centers.

“They tell you, ‘it’s a simple medical procedure, you’ll be fine and get on with your life,’ and I wanted to believe the lie. But I knew that day as a 15-year-old my life would never be the same.” Walking out of the clinic, Machelle was hit with the weight of the decision she’d made, one she knew could never be undone. She had allowed someone to take a life.

The months following were consumed with trying to forget, but nothing could erase the guilt. Drugs, alcohol, relationships – she wondered if what she did with her life even mattered anymore, until she learned she was pregnant again at 16. “When you have an abortion, you think to yourself, ‘I’ll never do that again. But there I was at sixteen without a supportive family and honestly, I considered it. I considered another abortion, but I just couldn’t do it again.’”

Born a month after her seventeenth birthday, her son became her absolute joy. She was a young mom, but loved her son more than life itself. As time went on, a young gentleman at work started inviting her to church. He would ask people around the office every week and didn’t even seem to mind when people said no – it was weird. But, his persistence eventually paid off, and Machelle and her son attended church with him one week.

Walking in, everything was new, different. The people were nice and appeared so “put together” – and there she was, a young mom with no ring on her finger. At the end of the service, the pastor asked if anyone would like to come and receive Christ as Savior. Already a little nervous, Machelle was stunned when the man who’d invited her turned and asked if she’d like to go forward. Uh – no. No, she would not like to go forward. She went to pick up her son when church was over, and she was greeted with smiles, excitement, and lots of Sunday School papers. At her sweet son’s request, they returned the following Sunday.

Many Sundays later, Machelle was convicted by the gospel and knew she needed to accept Christ as Savior. She fought to sit quietly through the altar call like normal, but couldn’t get it off her mind. Before she could leave, an older couple came and asked again if she’d like to accept Christ as Savior, saying, “We think you might want to receive Christ today.” At that moment, Machelle knew it was God tugging on her heart; she prayed and accepted Christ as her Savior that day. Immediately, all of her sins had been forgiven – even the abortion she’d been trying to forget. Christ forgave it all.

Don’t be afraid to ask loving questions; you never know – they may be one question away from knowing forgiveness in Christ. May God be honored for His redemptive, healing work in this young mother’s life!

Machelle’s story doesn’t end there – God has more work to do through her beautiful testimony of redemption! Tune in for One Question Away: Part Two coming soon.

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