Preventing Future Abortions

A young woman came to one of centers. She stated she had a positive home pregnancy test last week and a negative one last night. Understandably, she was confused on whether she was pregnant. She said she wanted to know for sure before her 12:45 appointment at an abortion clinic. She did not want to pay the $500 for the abortion if she wasn’t pregnant. She had already had her initial appointment with them the day before, and they had not performed a pregnancy test. She was headed there today for an ultrasound to verify pregnancy.

The center director helped her with another pregnancy test. As they waited for the results, the center director talked to her about the option of adoption. The client had never even considered that. The conversation then moved into a discussion of the client’s spiritual life. She attended church but had never committed her life to Christ. The client opened up more and more and the director shared the Gospel with her. She asked the counselor to pray that God would strengthen her, help her commit her life to Him, and that she would allow Him to change her. She did.

The test came back and it was negative. The client indicated that if it had turned out that she had been pregnant, adoption was her choice now. She also asked the counselor for continued prayer. She indicated that she would come again, for another pregnancy test and for another conversation.

We see many, many instances like this. It is not counted in our “lives saved” number, but it is glorious because it is a seed planted and future abortion prevented. Please pray for this young woman.

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