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January is Sanctity of Human Life Month

This year, Life Centers and Moody Radio are partnering for Sanctity of Human Life Month to bring awareness to this important issue, save more babies from abortion, and to transform the lives of mothers.

January 22nd is the 45th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade, a landmark decision that extended the 14th amendment to include a woman’s right to have an abortion. For this reason, January is also Sanctity of Human Life Month, a time set aside to celebrate life and proclaim its value.

Life Centers is dedicated to affirming the value of life by providing compassionate care to women facing unplanned pregnancies in central Indiana. We provide free, confidential services, but we rely on the donations of individuals and churches to enable us to provide free services to those in need. Your gift will allow us to fulfill our mission of saving babies and transforming lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Two important resources we provide at no cost are Baby Bundles and ultrasound exams. These two tools can literally be life-saving.

Ultrasound Exams
Often times when a woman is undecided about keeping her baby, seeing the life growing inside her and hearing the heartbeat can confirm her choice to keep her baby. $100 covers the cost of one ultrasound exam that could save a baby’s life. 

Baby Bundles
A Baby Bundle consists of diapers, wipes, baby clothing, and more necessities a new baby will need. Three out of four women who have had abortions say they chose abortion because they couldn’t afford to care for their baby. Baby Bundles give our clients the confidence they need to provide for their new baby. They give hope. They save lives. $60 covers the cost of one Baby Bundle.

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