The Gift of Volunteering

Life Centers has a very small paid staff. This model of operating helps us get a lot of bang for every buck that is donated to us. It also means the ministry can’t function without many faithful volunteers.

At Life Centers, we are blessed to have a committed, compassionate group of volunteers who donate their time every week to counsel women in our centers, perform ultrasounds, answer phones, file paperwork, and assemble baby bundles, among many other tasks.

It’s not an easy job, being a Life Centers volunteer. Women come in with hard stories and broken hearts, searching for some kind of hope. Our volunteers are on the front lines, working to provide that hope, along with compassion and the love of Jesus Christ. It can be draining, but each one of our volunteers would say it is also extremely rewarding.

Two volunteers shared that their experience being counselors was very encouraging to them. There’s nothing like being able to share hope with these girls, they said. They love being able to watch the Lord work so clearly in the lives of the women they meet. They see what they call “divine appointments” every day, when women come in at just the right time to meet with a volunteer who has just the right experience to be able to understand and speak life in the situation.

One Life Centers volunteer had been looking for a way to serve for a while when she realized she could volunteer at Life Centers. “I thought, ‘this is something I can do,’” she said.

And while the volunteers are encouraged by their opportunities to share with clients who come to the centers, it is the clients themselves who are probably most blessed. One client shared in a comment recently that she “felt like she was talking to her mom,” when she was with her volunteer counselor. She felt safe and understood and encouraged. What a gift that volunteer was able to give her, just by being there to listen and speak with her!

As we enter 2017, Life Centers is in need of many more volunteers to keep up with the number of clients who visit our centers. Would you be interested in volunteering with us? You bring unique talents and gifts to the work, and we need your voice. Please click the button below for more information about volunteering with Life Centers.

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