The Story of 239

When you hear Life Centers report that 239 babies were saved from abortion in 2014, what do you think? Do you praise God but wonder why the number is not higher? Well it is. 

The number 239 comes from a very strict way of reporting. Some organizations have a looser way of reporting but we want to be conservative and accurate. When a young woman comes to one of our centers, she fills out an intake form. On that form, she is asked “If your test is positive, what are your intentions?” The options given are: Parenting, Adoption, Undecided or Abortion. 

Of the 6,600 different women that came through our centers, over 1,000 of them circled “Abortion”. Of those, 405 of these women were actually pregnant (and abortion-minded). In 2014, 239 of the 405 women gave us confirmation that they did not have an abortion. We gathered this confirmation through exit interviews, follow-up calls and return visits.

The number of babies saved from abortion could very well be greater than 239. More of those 405 women that were abortion-minded may have chosen life for their baby, but we were not able to confirm it. It could be greater because women who were considering abortion did not indicate it on their form. It could be greater because women that were not pregnant but abortion-minded came to a place that showed them compassion, educated them and shared the hope of Christ with them, and now abortion is not a consideration for the next pregnancy decision.

239 is glorious because the babies were saved from abortion, but also because we know that it is just a representation of the miraculous work that God is doing in our centers.

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