Year-End Giving




I’d like to introduce you to Scott, Melissa, and their daughter Olivia.

Scott and Melissa came to one of our centers four years ago. Completely overwhelmed with life and in a difficult financial situation, they felt ill-equipped to become parents. Abortion became a possible option.

After visiting an abortion provider, both Melissa and Scott felt uneasy with that option.

“We were just a number to them.” –Scott
“It felt cold and unwelcoming, and I think that was God’s way of saying this is not the right decision for you.” –Melissa

Together, they came to Life Centers.

“Life Centers has been a friend and a resource, a family that cared about us.” –Scott
“Going to Life Centers confirmed our decision for life. We knew it was God’s plan.” –Melissa

After talking with a peer counselor and reaffirming their Christian values,
their minds were made up.

“When the peer counselor shared the gospel with us, it brought a sense of peace. It helped us focus on the blessing the pregnancy was.” –Melissa
“The ultrasound really opened our eyes, but it goes way beyond that. They (Life Centers) followed up with us; they truly showed genuine care.” –Scott

In addition to the support Life Centers offered, Melissa remembers how important it was to her that Scott was present throughout the unplanned pregnancy.

“Scott made me feel like I had a support system. He was excited about the pregnancy, and right away I knew he would be a great father.” –Melissa

Scott and Melissa have been married since October of 2017. Their daughter, Olivia, is now 4 years old, and they just welcomed a new baby boy to their family in October.

This is truly a success story for Life Centers and for you, our supporter. You helped make this happen. You help make stories like this happen each and every day.



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