You Make a Difference.

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It was almost closing time at our Hendricks County center, when a teenager came to get a pregnancy test. She brought a friend along for support. On the questionnaire she indicated that if the test was positive, she was considering an abortion. When the Center Director asked her why, she said that she was being pressured to abort. The test came back negative, and the counselor began to talk with her about her spiritual life. The client asked to have her friend join her in the counseling room. After a lengthy conversation about God and life, they both made spiritual decisions and committed their lives to Christ.

As a supporter of Life Centers, you played a role in helping change those two lives for eternity. For over 32 years, Life Centers has been serving our community right here in Central Indiana by providing pregnancy related services to thousands of women facing pregnancy decisions every year. Through God’s love and reflecting His compassion to our clients, babies are saved from being aborted and lives are transformed with the power of His Word.

We rely on the generosity of individuals and churches for us to continue this important work right here in our community. The services we provide our clients are done so at no cost to them. We are able to do this because of the heart and generosity of donors like you.

The story above is just one of the thousands that occur every year in one of our eight centers, and we celebrate every saved child and soul. Please consider making a year-end gift to Life Centers. It is vital for our ministry to thrive and deliver the much needed support to thousands of women and children visiting our centers.

As you are gathered with your family for the holidays, think about what it would mean if those that are 32 or younger were never born because their lives were ended through abortion. For 32 years, because of your donations, Life Centers has been helping women to find hope outside of abortion and in Christ. Your donations give the gift of life.

 To hear more stories about how your donations are saving and transforming lives, visit the Testimonies page. To make a donation please click here. Thank you for your continued support.

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