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Abortion Articles: Introduction

In June we talked about a series of articles we were working on aimed at educating our supporters about abortion and the changing landscape. https://mailchi.mp/lifecenters.com/newcommunication (Please consider reading if you have not already). Since that introduction, we have had many more discussions internally, with many of you, and with a number of outside sources. We encourage further discussion (that is part of the reason for this series) and want to begin doing so on a broader scope by starting the series now. This is the introduction to those articles.

Again, we are not trying to create political debate but rather provide information that will help you become a compassionate ambassador for life in your sphere of influence. We will never use upsetting images or politically charged rhetoric, but at times you might be upset by what you read. We encourage you to not turn or shy away. We need you to lean into it and understand it so that you might be used to save a life.

Schedule of articles:

In two weeks we will begin by talking about “What is Abortion?”. This article will help us define induced abortion and understand the types of procedures. Two weeks after that, we will discuss the “The Ethics of Abortion”. This will be a non-religious examination of the ethical issues of induced abortion.  Following that, we will look at “Abortion in Indiana and Life Centers”. In this article, we will look at local abortion statistics and laws and how Life Centers locally seeks to help women choose something other than abortion. After covering the local aspect, we will look at “Abortion in the US”. We will study current laws, legislation, and movements and how we got here. Finally, we will end with the article “Loving Engagement with Those Considering Abortion” focusing on how to apply what we have learned and lovingly reach out in our spheres of influence.

We hope that you find these articles helpful and thought provoking and look forward to hearing from you. If you have specific questions or topics you think should be covered email Brian.

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Former Client Gives Back to Life Centers

When a woman walks through our doors, we don’t know what to expect. Is she here for a pregnancy test? Is she afraid or hopeful? Does she simply need a little help with baby supplies like diapers or clothing?

We’re happy when a woman walks through our doors regardless of the reason, but one of our favorite encounters is when a former client walks in with a young child to thank us for supporting her and to show us her baby.

That’s why Malsawm came back to our center.

She first came to us in 2017 as a single woman who just found out she was pregnant. At that time, she did not know what to do. Her boyfriend lived in Maryland and wanted her to have an abortion. As a believer, she knew abortion was wrong. She even told us that one thing she knew for sure was that she would have her baby. The client advocate prayed over her and provided her with the resources she needed.

About a year and half later, Malsawm returned! She recently came in to our south center to introduce us to her sweet, 13 month old boy named Joseph. Malsawm also shared that she remembers distinctly the powerful prayer the client advocate prayed for her. She said it met every need and that her life has been helped and improved since she came to us. She is now married to Joseph’s father. Malsawm felt strongly that the Lord wanted her to come back to Life Centers to share her story, to show us her son, and to also give back. She made a financial donation to the ministry that day.

We see this over and over again. Sometimes our clients just need encouragement, resources and prayer so they can do what they know in their hearts is the right thing to do.

If you would like to give to help moms and their babies here in Indianapolis, like Malsawm and Joseph, click here.

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Spanish Language Radio

Life Center Supporters,

I wanted to update you on the progress we seen since we launched our translation program last year. The results have exceeded our expectations and we are thankful the donors who stepped up in faith and helped fund this initiative.

We have seen a 250% year over year increase in clients coming in to our centers that don’t have English as their first language. The Hispanic community has embraced us and have affirmed to us that they are grateful to have a place like Life Centers to help them as they face challenging pregnancy related decisions.

We want to take this to the next step now that we have refined and honed our processes and procedures to help the Hispanic community. We have an opportunity to advertise on the city’s #1 Hispanic radio station for the entire summer at a discounted rate. These 60 second spots will run 50 times a week for 13 weeks at just $8 p/ spot. The total investment to do this would be $5,200 and we believe this is the most economical and impactful way we can further reach vulnerable women and children.

Our request is simple, would you consider investing again in this endeavor with us? The window for this special offer closes on May 19th 2019. If 26 donors stepped up and invested in this campaign just $200, we would cover the entire cost.

We thank you for your investment in the lives of the mothers and babies that come in to our centers and are grateful you are committed with us as we work on the front lives to save babies and transform lives.

If you would like to donate to help us reach out to more women in need of our life-saving ministry you can here: https://lifecenters.com/give/online-donations/

In His service,


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