Socks For Christmas

In December, our centers provide Christmas gifts to those clients who need help giving their children presents. Our volunteers graciously “adopt” families and buy the kids Christmas gifts.

The week before Christmas, Jamie*, a Center Director, called Taylor*, one of her clients, to tell her she could come pick up the wrapped gifts she had for her children. Taylor, the mom of four kids, was excited to come pick up the gifts and told Jamie she would be there by the end of the day.

Taylor walked into the center later that day with her two oldest boys, ages 6 and 9, trailing behind her. When they were all gathered together in the counseling room, Jamie shared with Taylor that the Lord has provided for her and her precious children and that he will continue to provide.

They were politely gathering their gifts wrapped neatly in red and green wrapping paper, when Jamie thought about the “sock tub” they had in their support services room. The sock tub is exactly that; A plastic tub holding various sizes of socks for kids. Jamie started collecting socks for the boys to take home.

You might think, “Socks, for a Christmas gift? Do kids really want socks?”

When she brought the socks back to the counseling room, Taylor saw the them and to Jamie’s surprise, immediately told her two boys to put them on.

When they sat down and began to roll up their pant legs, Jamie noticed neither of the boys had socks on. (Keep in mind, its December and very cold outside.) As the older boy struggled putting a size 5 sock on his size 10 foot, Jamie went back to the tub and luckily found a large pair of socks at the very bottom of the tub. The 9-year-old boy smiled when he took the socks from her and put them on his feet. It was obvious the boys were so grateful for a simple pair of socks, because they had none or very few pairs.

When the three of them left that afternoon, I can’t help but think those two little boys were just as excited about getting socks as they were about getting neatly wrapped packages in red and green wrapping paper.

*Names have been changed.

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